Renewable Energy Systems – Power Your Environment



This is an offgrid home project which included solar, wind and energy efficient systems for this cabin/home located near Ennis, Montana. The relative size of the home is deceiving as this home is supposed to look like an old homestead complete with little log cabin below where we installed the water and power systems the year prior to building the cabin. The total sq-ft of the home is about 1500. The home is heated by a Buderus sealed combustion boiler with radiant heat under the floors.

fowler-brownCabin interior -stairs to upper living area


fowler-brown1Cabin great room-small recessed mono-point low voltage fixtures are located in the ceiling. Planetary Systems designed and supplied the lighting package for energy efficiency.




fowler-brown2The main power system is located in a small cabin located on the property about 70′ from the home, which was refurbished and contains the Power Package, Absolyte IIP battery bank and water system.


fowler-brown3The PV system includes (12) Sunwize SW-120 panels on two pole mounts providing 1440 watts of charging power to the battery system.




fowler-brown4A Southwest Windpower model H-40 provides about 100 Kwh monthly for the system in this Ennis, Montana location, and is installed on a ridge above the house


fowler-brown5All systems were installed in this cabin (water and electrical) prior to the house being built and the services were trenched to the house location to “plug-in” when the house was ready. Pre-planning is an important part of any efficient renewable home system