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Planetary Systems Home & Business

Planetary Systems Home & Business

Planetary Systems, Inc. home, offices and business are totally grid-independent at our Ennis, Montana location. Completely independent systems utilizing wind and PV input are located in our personal power shed and in our main shop/warehouse location on 6 acres in southern Montana. Systems were originally installed in 1998 but have been continuously upgraded to feature the same products we offer for sale. Planetary Systems also has operational solar hot water, hybrid heating and low energy well pump systems at our facility.

Personal PV/Wind power system

planetary-systems-home-businessOur home is powered by four pole mounted PV arrays with (2) 6 module racks of older Astropwer 120 watt modules and two newer arrays with ((4) Ecosolargy 185w modules (each) on a separate MX-60 controller. Additionally there is a 500 watt Newsky wind unit, a Whisper H-40 wind generator and a Q-type, 600w wind generator connected to this system. The arrays are wired as a 72vdc array (6 panels in series) and 48v (2 panels in series-24v panels) which reduces wire loss thanks to the Outback Power MX-60 controllers. Our home uses only 8.5kwh daily and about 500 gallons of propane gas annually supplemented by wood. We have all the normal appliances and services except that they are all truly energy efficient.


Udated Power Package system

planetary-systems-home-business1Our home power system was updated to the new PP-Ultra system (model PP-2524T/5K) featuring Outback Power Systems (2) 2500 watt inverters, MX-60 (2) controllers connected to our original AGM-1000 a/h battery bank. This system can now integrate all DC wind and PV inputs, at different voltages, allowing greater efficiency from the system. We still use our original EZ-wire Southwest Windpower controllers plus a new TGW controller for the 500w wind unit, allowing greater efficiency on this wind unit.


Shop PV and Wind power

CIMG1891Our shop system has (12) Sunwize SW-120 modules mounted on our shop roof now wired as a 72vdc array, increasing our power collection by about 30% We also have 72vdc set of (3) Mitsubishi 175 watt modules and a 3-module set of Schott 225 watt modules on the east side. Six of the Sunwize panels serve as a sunshade for the office area. The shop system has our  WKV-600 VAWT unit at the far end, then our C-300W Vawt at the east end with our C-500W Vawt in the center and our WKV-400 vertical axis wind unit in the foreground. These wind units are available exclusively from Planetary Systems. These wind units can be mounted on poles or on building with very little noise or vibration.


planetary-systems-home-business3The shop power system includes our new PP-Ultra system featuring OUTBACK power products including a pair of VFX-3524 inverters and a pair of MX-60 controllers plus the Outback Mate-2 and Hub-4 control systems. Battery storage is a 1500 a/h AGM bank which has been in service since 2002 as shown, powering our shop tools lights and the main heating system.


planetary-systems-home-business4We utilize wood heat to augment our heating bills for LP gas using the Tarm wood boiler shown at the far left. This is the smaller 100,000 btu unit which works well for us combined with our new Buderus GB-142 condensing gas boiler added this year (98% Eff.) which is connected in series with our wood boiler. This system provides heat to our shop, home and out-buildings. We project the new boiler will save us about 50% on LP gas cost based on current operation.


planetary-systems-home-business5Our home hot water system includes a Seido 1-8 collector with a Buderus S-120 tank and PV powered Ivan Labs pump which is self regulating and keeps about 120 deg-F water in the tank year round. We have a Takagi instantaneous LP heater to bring the water to full temp when necessary. Estimated LP use is about 10-15 gallons annually with this system.


Shop wind controllers

planetary-systems-home-business6Our shop features all of our own and new TGW wind controllers (on right) which work with our Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, which are the latest Buck-Boost type which allow greater energy collection at low RPM, which we now supply with all wind generators sold.