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Backup Generators

Backup Generators

In many cases, a backup AC generator is a required element in a stand-alone Renewable Energy system. It is usually not practical to design a battery bank capable of storing more than 3-4 days of power for any RE system, both because of costs and charging factors. The generator type and size are both important to your ability to charge your power system effectively. Brands that seem to work well are Kohler, Generac or Onan. However, it has been our experience that the more hours you run a propane fueled unit, the more maintenance issues you will have after the first 1000 hours with these units. Planetary Systems is now recommending that your use an inverter type generator with lower kw output and connect it with an external battery charger like a Outback GVFX inverter do not attempt to power your home and charge at the same time. See more about this below.


Outback GVFX inverter used as charger

Backup Generator Charger

A high quality battery charger which can work with any small generator up to 3kw and which can be wired into our wind generator terminals in the DC junction box or have it’s own special input. This version of the Outback inverter is rated about 1500 watts and available in 12vdc, 24vdc and 48vdc which is the perfect auxiliary charger. It can be programmed with the MATE and automatically charges AGM or other battery system. Call for pricing-we only sell these as part of a complete system.