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Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is at the heart of any Renewable Energy or Sustainable Living system. You need to be able to do the most work for the least energy cost. Unfortunately most American consumers do not value energy efficiency until an energy crunch. Most manufacturer’s follow suit and do not provide truly energy efficient appliances, tending to concentrate instead on things like water in the door, faster cooking times, etc. The appliances we offer are proven to be energy efficient and reliable. We use many of them in our own home and business.

Solar Powered Fan Systems










Planetary Systems can supply solar powered fan systems for attic or roof vents, greenhouses, etc. with high quality reliable systems (whic h we ourselves and our neighbors currently use). Thes systems consist of a specially designed DC panel plus solar panel and a louvered frame or roof vent, with the panel ready to mount and connect. Fans are very quiet and powerful.

 Typical roof vent: 12″ screened rooftop assembly with fan -12vdc $ 139 -$195  Details: Fan blowers are 12vdc and 24vdc depending on application. 3-year warranty

Multiple tyupes of roof vents available, sloped roofs, steel roofs, etc-call for help.  Availability: 2 weeks


Typical Greenhouse Fan assembly: 12″ screened louver with fan and solar panel  $95.00 -$ 125 Details: Fan blowers are 12vdc and 24vdc depending on application. 3-year warranty, larger blowers and vent units available-up to 2500cfm Availability: 2 weeks

Printable PDF: roofvantfan


Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning will be needed more and more in the future in many areas and in generall, nearly all current air conditioners and system (especially heat pumps) are too inefficient to run on off-grid systems and on grid in general. Planetary Systems now offers SEDNA-AIRE, solar air conditioning units which are similar to a Mitsubishi split-AC system but with an important catch. The heat to drive the refrigerant side comes not from compression, but from an exclusive solar thermal tube system, with the effect of the entire system using on a few amps AC or DC power.


Cost: Ranges from $3500 to $5500

Call for details Availability: 2 weeks

Printable PDF: mult-split Brocedure3


LED Lighting

LED T-8 Tube replacementled-lighting01

Planetary Systems has several varieties of LED lighting available. We have tested and used these ourselves and find them very acceptable for nearly all lighting applications. These are all CREE type bulbs and can last up to 50,000 hours. They use approximately 1/4 of the energy that a compact fluorescent bulb uses and come in several sizes including T-8 fluorescent bulb replacements. These are just a sample of what is available-a more complete price list will be updated soon.

LED T-8 4′ Tube replacement 60 watts equivalent-22 watts $42.00 Details: LED replacement for 4′ FL tube-4′ -requires rewiring the fixture and removing ballast. Warm white color Comments: allow 2 weeks for delivery-UPS, Requires removal of standard ballast and reconnection-instructions provided.

MR-16 3-watt CREE 3watts-12vdc $22.00 Details: MR-16 LED lamp-warm white color. Equivalent to 30 watt halogen spot. Comments: Allow 2 weeks for delivery-UPS

LED Par-20 Spot -14 WATT 14 watt-120vac $35.00 Details: LED-CREE Par-20 spot-14 watt and equivalent to 75 watt standard bulb. Standard base Comments: Allow 2 weeks for delivery-UPS

LED-CREE Par30 Spot-16 watt 16 watt-120vac $55.00 Details: Par-30 Bulb-spot, warm white. Equivalent to standard 75 watt spot Comments: Allow 2 weeks for delivery-UPS

Printable PDF: LED Bulb Product Information


Energy Efficient Fridgerators


While there are a lot of “EnergyStar” rated appliances out there, we have tested many of them and found them to be less efficient than the rating states. In many cases this is because all rating is done by the manufacturer and according to their test requirements. In the real world, they simply do not measure up. We have found the LG 10.5 Cu-ft fridge/freezer to meet our very frugal energy requirements and based on the price, these work for us, so now we sell them.

LG 10.5 Cu-ft Fridge/freezer 120watts $899.00 67-5/8″H x 23-1/2″ W x 24-5/8″D 140lb 120VAC Availability: 2 weeks Details: Small but energy efficient fridge suitable for on grid or off-grid use in a Renewable Energy home with lots of features-get two for the price of a standard fridge. No water in the door or ice maker to draw extra power.

LG 10.5 Cu-ft Fridge/freezer 120watts $715.00 67-5/8″H x 23-1/2″W x 24-5/8″D 140lb 120VAC Availability: 2 weeks Details: Similar to above model but available in WHITE

Printable PDF: LG 10 Product Information


Takagi Water Heaters



These instantaneous, tankless hot water heaters can save many hundreds of dollars per year in hot water heating costs. This unit is the top of the line and our best seller. We use it here and the difference is amazing. This product is capable of not only home domestic hot water, but could provide enough hot water for a small apartment complex, or enough sanitizing water for a small restaurant. The 165,000 Btu output can be modulated by simple internal switches and jumpers. Operates on propane or natural gas.

Takigi TKjr:  $1,067.00 Size is 20″ x 14 x 6″ 5.8gpm at 130 deg-F 140Kbtu Weight 45 lb. Details: Complete Takagi setup with connectors, vent system, control and instructions. Comments: Requires 120vac power -10 watts power (approx) Complete kit includes remote (RE02) vent kit and 3/4 connectors