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Radiant Heating Systems


The energy we expend to heat our homes is one of the highest energy costs we face. In Northern climates especially, how you heat your home or business will impact your everyday life for the duration of the heating season. There are several factors which influence these costs, the main factor being the way your home is built and insulated. Following that, how you heat your home, or the type of heating system chosen is the second. Since Roman times, man has known that the best way to heat is with hot water. The delivery system has always been the problem. Thermal mass combined with efficient heat storage and transmission are the keys to an efficient and cost effective heating system.


EMPYRE Wood Boilers-indoor/outdoor












Pro-Series 100 Outdoor Wood Boiler


Empyre ELITE Indoor Wood Boiler

We now feature Empyre Elite and Pro-series wood boilers for radiant hydronic heating systems and are currently installing an indoor and outdoor unit. We have these systems to be reliable and use much less wood than any other system available. These boilers are wood gassification type, indoor and out and are the cleanest, longest burning products available on the market with multiple citations and awards. Call 406-682-5646 for details

Heating values for typical fuels

Anthracite Coal: 1 ton 25,000,000 Btu’s/ton Natural Gas: 1,000 cu ft (1 mcf) 1,030,000 Btu’s/mcf L P Liquid Propane Gas per gallon 91,600 Btu’s/gallon Electricity: 1 kilowatt hr 3,413 Btu’s/kwh Oil per gallon 138,690 Btu’s/gallon Wood Pellets 17,000,000 Btu’s/ton Hard Wood-White Oak-Seasoned 24,700,000 Btu’s/cord Medium Wood-Tamarack-Seasoned 20,800,000 Btu’s/cord Soft Wood-White Pine-Seasoned 15,800,000 Btu’s/cord

Pro-Fab Pro-100 Outdoor Wood Boiler $9,500.00 56″ L x 67″ H x 32″ W Firebox 16″ x 21″ x 28″ 30-gallons storage 995lb Warranty-10 years Details: Pro-Fab 100, 100Kbtu rated outdoor wood gassification wood boiler with flue, cap, heat exchanger and pump, ready to connect to any hydronic heating system, existing or new Comments: Basic system cost-items to be added include return and supply lines to house depending on distance to house and required equipment to connect to or modify existing heating system. Hot water tank not included.

Pro-Fab Empyre ELITE boiler $8,800.00 Firebox 19″ x 21″ x 28″ 28″ W x 48″ H x 52″ L 945lb Availability: 3-4 weeks Details: Indoor version wood gassification boiler rated 125Kbtu for hydronic heating which can be connected to any existing hot water heating system or as a stand-alone heat system. Cleanest burning unit available. Comments: Basic system includes pump and controls. Add required flue height and type for location to be installed and any piping or controls required to interface the system with an existing boiler. Hot water tank is extra.


Buderus GB-142 Condensing Gas Heater


Buderus new heating system is 98% efficient and is by far the best heating system available. Three models available and installation is very simple. Works best with any radiant in-floor or under-floor system.

GB-142/24 $4,199.00 98% efficient 28″ x 22″ x 18″ 25,00 – 83,000 Btu LP or Nat Gas 3″ pvc 110 lbs 120vac Details: Condensing gas heater includes controls and manifold assembly with pump. Requires 3″ pvc for intake and exhaust

GB-142/30 $4,599.00 98% efficient 28″ x 22″ x 18″ 28,000 – 102,000 Btu 3″ pvc 110 lbs 120vac Details: Condensing gas heater includes controls and manifold assembly with pump. Requires 3″ pvc for intake and exhaust

Printable PDF: Buderus GB-142 Product Information


Pex Pipe


Planetary Systems, Inc. also offers in-floor and under-floor heating products – pex pipe and fittings plus heating controls and pumps. An in-floor heating system is the most economical way to heat your home. It does require some extensive pre-planning and the up-front expenses are higher, both in labor and materials. Pex pipe used in floor systems is an extruded plastic product with an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion of pumps and equipment. A low-oxygen glycol-water solution in your floor heating loops both prevents freezing and provides an excellent long term heating medium. Pex pipe usually has a 25 year-plus warranty, but is expected to last much longer based on recent experience.

Pex pipe used in a concrete or gypcrete flooring system will have an indefinite life cycle. We can provide pricing for these floor systems are part of your heating system.


Myth: Geothermal (ground source heat loops) are more efficient


The rules are simple. Forced air heat systems, ground source heat pumps, electric heat will always cost more and be less efficient from an overall energy use standpoint than hot water or hydronic heat. If your system is heavily dependent on electric power, and there is none, you are up the creek. Hydronic heat done badly though, can also be much less efficient. Our systems have been able to heat domestic water, provide home heat for less than any other systems on a cost basis. One example home cost only $467.00 annually in propane for a 2000+ sq.-ft. home here in Montana which included the heating system, hot water, a gas fireplace and a gas stove. Buderus is the world leader in heating systems.