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Water Supply Systems

Pumping and storing water using the least amount of energy is an important part of any Sustainable Living system. These pumps, designed and operated correctly, are the best available. Reliable and economical, they can be made to provide nearly any amount of water required without wasting energy. Our own system consists of some of the very same components, which also are supplied with a majority of our systems. The system we most recommend is the pump / storage system, utilizing a pump to extract water from a well or stream, a set of tanks to collect and store the water, and a small pressure pump system to provide the water to the house or irrigation system.


Water Pumping using the SQ-Flex system


Dry run switch

Dry run switch

The SQ-Flex pump is available in both Centrifugal and Helical rotor systems and provides the utmost in quality and reliability for water pumping-including complete flexibility. This pump can run on 30-300Vdc and 90-240Vac in the pump range selected. All of the controls and motors are sealed in the pump system plus controls and safety features such as the dry run switch (shown at left). Simply supply the correct power input for the pumping requirement which can be AC power from your inverter or generator, Wind or Solar power input or any combination of these inputs with the CU-200 controller.

3 SQF-2    $2,295.00

Pumping range: 120-390′ Port size: 1″ Nominal GPM: 3 Length: 47″

6 SQF-2    $2,295.00

Pumping range: 120-390′ Port size: 1″ Nominal GPM: 6 Length: 48″

11 SQF-2    $2,295.00

Pumping range: 40-300′ Port size: 1.25″ Nominal GPM: 11 Length: 49″

25 SQF-3   $2,295.00

Pumping range: 0-40′ Port size: 1.50″ Nominal GPM: 25 Length: 33″

25 SQF-6   $2,295.00

Pumping range: 0-60′ Port size: 1.50″ Nominal GPM: 25 Length: 35″

40 SQF-3   $2,295.00

Pumping range: 0-20′ Port size: 2″ Nominal GPM: 40 Length: 37″

75 SQF-3   $2,295.00

Pumping range: 0-40′ Port size: 2″ Nominal GPM: 75 Length: 39″

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Add the CU-200 controller to have water level control and system diagnostic and controls. The unit has terminals for pump and power in and for a float switch. Input power can be AC or DC.

CU-200 controller $425.00

Float Switch $31.00


DC Pressure Pumps – High Volume


Sunpump Multi-stage centrifugal pumps offer high volume output and quiet operation wile being maintenance free and reliable. These pumps are available in 24vdc and 48vdc versions. Larger pumps available at voltages from 90vdc to 135vdc and up to 30 gallons per minute output-call for pricing on these units. These pumps can be powered by batteries or directly from solar panels.

SCB 6-40P/24 300 watts $884.00

Details: 360 gal. per hour @ 40psi.

SCB 8-40P/24 400 watts $930.00

Details: 470 gal. per hour @ 40psi.

SCB 12-60P/48 900 watts $1,030.00

Details: 810 gal per hour @ 40psi.

Printable PDF: DC Pressure Pumps