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Schwem Residence / Lyric Architecture

Schwem Residence / Lyric Architecture

Near downtown Bozeman, Montana is a grid-connected home employing systems designed and installed by Planetary Systems, Inc. These include heating, hot water, solar hot water and PV power systems.

These include heating, hot water, solar hot water and PV power systems. We also supplied the majority of the energy efficient appliances including 2 Vestfrost refrigerator/freezers, as shown


The evacuated tube collectors provide about 1/2 the normal daily domestic hot water requirement and more in summer. Yet the system requires a very small amount of discreet roof space next to the PV Panels.The 1320 watt solar array and Seido 1-8 solar collector are hidden from the street on the south facing roof. There is no visible sign from the street that this is anything other than an ordinary house. However, this home is designed to have all the modern conveniences, but uses only 4.4 Kwh daily.


The Buderus boiler, hot water tanks and model 1DX Power Package were all installed in the crawlspace to save space in the living areas. The Buderus sealed combustion boiler and Power Package design allowed local code officials to approve this type of installation for the equipment.


The Planetary Systems, Inc. patented Power Package system allows the full utilization of a grid-tied system with battery storage in a tight situation with limited space requirements (Model 1DX shown)