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Wyoming Off-Grid Home

This home in the Wheatland, Wyoming area is probably one of the most energy efficient homes in the area. The home has our Power Package Off-grid system, 98% efficient radiant heating our C-1000 Vertical Axis Wind Generator with backup instantaneous gas water heaters.

CIMG1541PV and Wind power system

The home has a 2.2kw PV array on pole mounts and our C-1KW VAWT wind unit with Backup generator



CIMG1538Power Package

In the basement mechanical room, our model PP-3524T/7K-21AGM Power Package is connected to a main utility panel  to provide power to the home.  The battery system has 30 kilowatts of power storage using sealed, maintenance free AGM type batteries.


CIMG1540Radiant heating

The photo shows the radiant heating system using a Buderus GB-142, 98% efficient gas boiler with a Takagi instantaneous hot water heater. This is our standard setup for gas powered heating systems for off-grid homes.